Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Purple and Pineapples

Top- Hot Topic, Jeans- Wet Seal, Shoes- Maurices, Earrings- Earthbound
I love wearing tops with graphics from my favorite shows, but most of them aren't even remotely appropriate for any semi-formal event. When I found this sleeveless Doctor Who top, I was instantly smitten. I love the graphic, and it really gives a dressier take on TV-inspired clothing.

These wedges are also a favorite of mine. They're so colorful, and they go with everything! I love how the pinks and greens match so perfectly with the top.

I'm such a sucker for unique pieces. I found this mismatched bow-and-arrow earring pair at Earthbound, and I've been wearing them nonstop. They're absolutely gorgeous, and they add a twist to any look.
Where are your favorite places to buy merch for your favorite TV shows and movies? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monochromatic Summer OOTD

Top- Rue 21, Shorts- Hot Topic, Shoes- JC Penneys, Bracelet- Claire's
I love traveling. One major goal for me in life is to travel to all of the places I've dreamed of growing up: Italy, France, New Zealand... I get dreamy-eyed just thinking about it. To end my summer vacation, I crossed one location off my bucket list and took a trip to the Dominican Republic with my family. 

We stayed at a jaw-dropping resort that was absolutely beautiful. It was filled with stunning architecture and plant life, and I took advantage of this to give you one of my favorite end-of-summer OOTDs. I paired this beachy, aztec-printed raglan top with my favorite pair of black high-waisted shorts and summery wedges, and it gives me a perfect look to beat the heat while still adopting a few fall trends into my ensemble, making it an ideal transition look.

For my fellow travel fiends, what locations are on your bucket lists? Sound off in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Lovin' Glam Bag

July's ipsy bag is titled Summer Lovin', and my bag delivered beautifully this month. Full to the brim with products designed to enhance your natural beauty, this bag was perfect for me this summer. Let's jump in!
I love receiving lipstick in my glam bags, and P.I.N.K., a stunning deep rose shade by BellaPierre Cosmetics, didn't disappoint. The color is stunning, and I love layering it for different shades. The formula isn't drying, and the creamy texture makes for easy application.
I love dry shampoo. For a girl with colored hair, it's truly a lifesaver as it allows you to extend the time between washing immensely to allow your color to last lightyears longer than usual. Eva NYC's Freshen Up Dry Shampoo is one of the better dry shampoos I've come across, partially because it smells amazing. It also absorbs the excess oils extremely quickly and lasts all day.
Next in this bag is City Color Cosmetics' HD Powder. One of my favorite makeup techniques this season has been strobing, and to set my highlighter I like dusting a bit of translucent powder over my highlighted areas, and this has proven to be an excellent tool for that. It dulls the shine a bit, but it doesn't give it a completely matte finish, which is exactly how I prefer it.
As I said above, I've really been loving strobing lately, and one key aspect to this trend is having beautiful, glowing skin. This next product is pur~lisse's pur-bright Ultra Skin Brightening System, and it really delivered on that front for me. I've been using it after cleansing my face in the mornings, and I've noticed that my face has seemed brighter and has a lovely natural glow that I usually only have when wearing makeup.
The last product this month is a 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner Stick from Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics. I generally prefer black eyeliner over brown because I love the way it contrasts with my eye color, but the formula of this liner really impressed me. On application, it's really easy to spread, making it great as an eyeshadow, but it quickly attaches to your lid, making it a perfect liner that doesn't budge throughout the day. It really impressed me on that front as most 2-in-1 pencils like this don't make very good eyeliners.
That's it for this month's bag! Ipsy is currently running their first 48-hour no waitlist period, which means that if you sign up for your Glam Bags now, you can get your first bag as early as next month! Sign up at ipsy.com as soon as possible to take advantage of this offer.

Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and I am not in any way influenced by ipsy. All of my opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Temporary Eyeshadow Hair Color

I love changing up my hair. In fact, I'd dye it a different color every time a holiday comes around, whether that be red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, or pastel colors for Easter; but, let's be real here, that is a lot of work, and those colors take forever to come out. For The Fourth of July, I was looking for a more unusual way of incorporating red and blue into my look, and I stumbled across this tutorial by Love Maegan on temporary hair color using something all women have on hand- eyeshadow!
For this look, you'll need some old eyeshadow, baby powder, water in a spray bottle, a bowl, and an application brush. I tried a contour brush from Ulta and a Real Techniques defined crease brush, and I found that the smaller, more compact crease brush did a much better job applying the mixture than the more fluffy brush from Ulta. 
First, scrape off as much eyeshadow into the bowl as you'd like. This will vary depending on the length of your hair and the amount of hair you're coloring. Then, add a shake of baby powder and mix them together.

Next, spritz your hair with your spray bottle, wet your application brush, and apply the color to your hair!

It takes a little bit to get used to it, but after I finished my first red stripe, I was breezing through it. I then applied my blue stripe, then one more stripe of both colors, to complete my look.

This tutorial works on both light and dark hair, and on any length. I'd suggest trying out an ombre look for longer hair, whereas if you have shorter hair like me, you may want to try something fun on your bangs. Maegan actually did her whole head with this method for Halloween; check out her original tutorial here to see her results!
I was happily surprised with how this turned out. The colors work really nicely with my faded purple hair, and I can't wait to try it out with different colors! The great thing about this method is that it comes out really easily, generally after just one shampoo, so it makes for the perfect holiday accessory.
What are all of my American readers doing for the Fourth? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Let a Seven Year-Old Dye My Hair With Manic Panic

About a week ago, I decided I was tired of my natural brownish-blonde colored hair and set to work scheduling a bleaching appointment and ordering a bottle of Manic Panic's Amplified Formula in Ultra Violet. I'd been torn between dying it blue or purple, so I decided to try this as it has hints of both.
I'd decided to have it bleached on Friday night, then dye it myself on Saturday, but when I told my younger cousin, Landry, I was dying it myself, she was dying (pun intended) to help. And being my color-obsessed self, I decided to make her my new hair colorist at age seven and recruited her to help.

She actually did really well. She did a great job with the color, but the problem? I diluted the dye too much. I mixed it with a lot of conditioner, so instead of dying my hair, it just toned out all of the yellow. Then, we set to work dying it again, this time using conditioner of a different brand, and less of it. This should have done the job, but unfortunately we neglected to read the ingredient list on the conditioner bottle and found out too late that it contained parabens that not only wouldn't allow the color to take, but also removed what little color was deposited in the first go-around. After that, we applied the dye a third time, this time using it alone without any conditioner, and I finally got the perfect results.
I'm so thrilled with the color, and I'm extremely happy with this dye! I've already got Landry on board for the next time I decide to switch up my color; I'll make her a hair stylist yet :) I feel like Sabrina Abu-Obeid, the girl with the magical color-changing hair that I interviewed a couple of weeks ago.
My little brother insisted on being credited for his photography during the dying process. Thanks, Canaan!
What do you guys think of my new color? What's your favorite Manic Panic dye? Let me know in the comments below!

Want more? Check out my Facebook page for more behind the scenes dying photos!

This was not a sponsored post; I paid for my hair dye myself, and I am not in any way influenced by Manic Panic. All of my opinions are my own.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swim Into Beauty Glam Bag

June's ipsy bag was called Swim Into Beauty, which was extremely accurate considering the nature of these products. This bag was filled to the brim with items designed to give you pool and beach-ready hair, skin, and nails. Let's dive in!
First in my bag was Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I've very rarely used primer in the past, but this product has made me rethink that decision. I applied this before my daily foundation, and I noticed that it instantly smoothed my skin, giving me a perfect canvas for applying my foundation and concealer. It blended into my skin flawlessly, and I was extremely happy with it.
Next is another product I was itching to get my hands- or rather, nails on- Absolute New York's Nail Lacquer in the shade Turquoise. I'm a huge sucker for nail polish, especially when it comes in blue, and one of my favorite things about this polish happened to be the color performance. It's always refreshing when a nail polish color actually looks the same on my nails as it does in the bottle, and since I love this color, that was great. The applicator was wonderful, and it took me just a few seconds to cover each nail. My only complaint? It isn't long-lasting. It started chipping just a few days after I applied it, which was a huge bummer for me.
This next product had to be one of my favorites in this bag. This is a Mini Shadow Crayon by tre'StiQue (don't ask me how to say that) in the shade Kona Coffee. Just to experiment with this, I tried applying it lightly to my lid and then more heavily on my crease, and it alone gave me a gorgeous look without presenting the need to add more products. It's really easy to blend, simple to apply, and it lasts ages. This stuff easily lasted for hours and didn't fade at all throughout my day.
There's always an iffy item in my glam bag each month, and in this month's, it was Dr. Brandt Skincare's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner. It's a face mask designed to minimize blackheads and reduce the size of pores, and to me, it was just okay. I don't suffer from blackheads or oversized pores as badly as some, and I already use products that keep mine in check, so it wasn't really something I needed in the first place. Overall, it was a refreshing face mask, but I didn't really notice much difference.
Last in this month's bag is Pure Brazilian's Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. I was thrilled to find this in my bag as soon as I picked it up because I'm such a huge fan of leave-in conditioner. I've found that my hair responds beautifully to them, and this was no exception. My hair was sleek, shiny, and easy to control after one use. Definitely one of my favorite items this month!
Want to get your own monthly $10 glam bag? Check it out at ipsy.com.

Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and I am not in any way influenced by ipsy. All of my opinions are my own.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two Year Anniversary + Five Blogging Tips

Today is the anniversary of a very special day in my life: my two-year blog anniversary.

Two years. Wow. That in itself blows my mind.

Two years ago today, I took a photo of my eye with my iPod, edited it in a free app, and posted it on ChromoBeauty in my 5 Ways to Get Perfect Mascara Every Time post. Since then, I've learned a thing or two about writing (and mascara), and today, I'm sharing some of the biggest lessons I've learned as a writer in my two years of content creation on ChromoBeauty.

1. It isn't always about the photos.
When I first started blogging, I thought photos were everything. In fact, I didn't even have writing in my early articles, just outfit credits and some awkward photos of me in my bedroom wearing my favorite pieces. It wasn't until I actually started putting my thoughts and opinions into my articles that I received real feedback and attention to my articles.

2. ...but sometimes, it is about the photos.
Although photos definitely don't count for everything, they're a lot of it. Sharing a great outfit means nothing if your readers can't see it. Using natural lighting, taking several shots, and figuring out which angles work best for you takes your posts to a new level.

3. Sponsorship isn't everything.
When I first launched and started being approached by brands looking for coverage, I took every offer that came my way because I saw that as people noticing my blog, which had to be good, right? But after so many product reviews, readers are going to lose interest, especially if they aren't completely relevant to your niche. Being picky about your sponsored posts and balancing your product reviews with creative content is key to building a strong readership.

4. The numbers aren't everything.
Having thousands of views on a daily basis is definitely an achievement, but having a loyal base of readers that is genuinely interested in your content is an important step to building a blog. Readers that take the time to check back for new content regularly are much more valuable than readers that visit once and forget your name as soon as they close the tab. My numbers are still on the low scale, but the readers I do have are loyal and keep coming back.

5. Don't just do it for the money.
Currently, I'm not taking a dime from ChromoBeauty. I've never tried advertising, and I'm not interested in that right now. Blogging is purely a hobby, and although I'm occasionally gifted products for review, I don't currently receive monetary compensation, and I'm completely okay with that. Writing because you're passionate is so much more enjoyable than writing out of obligation.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you so much for being here and encouraging me over the course of these past two years. Your support is what makes it all worthwhile, and I look forward to another year writing for you :)